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Yushy65 MbShubondhakafa.Komshn Angela Sommers (E0814) Jubonda, Fetish, Pantino, Nilon, TOYS, BUTS, LATEX, 720PT

BondAGeCafe E0814 – Angela Sommers
Genre: Bondage, Fetish, Pantyhose, Nylon, Toys, Boots, Latex
Duration: 00:23:21
Cast: Angela Sommers
Description: IT Was Nearing The End of the Day and I Thought It Was Time for Angela to Have a Bit of Fun. I Pullled Out My Favorite Red Latex Shirt (I Do Love This Thing), Had Her Add a Shiny Pair of Nylons and A Gorgeous Pair of Boots I Bought from Fabulously Fetish. Once She Was All Dolled Up, She Was Basically Feelin ‘It. I GUESS FOR ALL THE GREAT MODELING ANGELA DOES, SHE REALLY DOENS’T GET MUCH OPPORTUNITY TO REALY DRESS UP This MUCH … AND SHE LOVE IT.
I Pulled out a Bench and Had Her Struggle a Bit Before Letting Get IT. In This Case That Meant Introducing Her To the Vibe Pyramid Concept i Came Up With A LITTLE WHILE AGO. I Honestly Just Thought It Would Be Cool If Angela Could Just Slide Around And Get Herself Off, And Was Quite Entertaining, But Who Was I Kidding – Bondage Is About Letting Go of Control and Angela Just Had Too Much of It.
SO I Tied It To Her And Then Set It (and Her) Off Into Space. She Agreed Later That It Was Much Better Tied Up – Even Though It Was Torturous At Times … I Hope You Enjoy It As Much As She Did.
Type HD video: 720p
Video format: Windows Media
Video codec: WMV
Audio codec: WMA
Video: Windows Media Video 9 1280×720 3717Kbps
Audio: WMA 2 44100Hz STEREO 128kbps.