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OtSuki Hibiki (Otsuki Hibiki), Katou Ayano (Yamashiro Mizuho, Kashiwagi Azusa) – Detective trapped in women.\u0026 quot; I loved my enemy \u0026 quot;The Imprisoned Investigator The Woman I Loved Is My Enemy [GRCH-234] (Torendei Yamaguchi, Girl’s CH) [Cen] [2017, Planning, Bath, Drama, For Women, Submissive Men, HDRip] [1080p]

The Imprisoned Investigator The Woman I Loved Is My Enemy / \u0026 # 22234; # 12436; \u0026 # 25436; \u0026 # 26619; \u0026 # 23448; # 65374; \u0026 # 12364; # 12398; \u0026 # 25973; \u0026 # 65374; / Detective trapped in women. \”I loved my enemy\” Year of production: 2017
Country: Japan
Genre: Planning, Bath, Drama, For Women, Submissive Men
Duration: 02:05:00
Censorship: yes All files
Language: Japanese
Movie Studio code: GRCH-234
Director: Torendei Yamaguchi
Studio: Girl’s CH
Cast: OtSuki Hibiki, Katou Ayano (Yamashiro Mizuho, \u200b\u200bKashiwagi Azusa )
Description: This studio specializes in female porn, and this film is considered female dominance that is a rather rare combination.
In the plot, investigators investigate the underground workman and go to the lair of an evil organization. However, the assistant of one of the investigators is Ayano, to which he experienced feelings turned out to be a double agent. In fact, she is a \”trainer\” and now that the detective is captured, Ayano and her ethnic chibika will be over the orders of his boss to break the will of the captive. However, the film has an unexpected turn and slightly saddened end …
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Type HD video: 1080p
Video quality: HDRip
Video format: MP4
Video: MPEG4 Video (H264) 1920×1080 29.97fps 3987Kbps
Audio: AAC 48000HZ STEREO 195KBPS