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[809 MB] Rubbin ‘in the Mud # 2 / masturbation mud №2 (Dave Lodoski, Mud Puddle Visuals) [2003 g., WAM (Wet and Messy), lesbo, solo, SiteRip]

Rubbin ‘in the Mud # 2 / Masturbation in the mud №2
Year: 2003
Location: United States
Genre: WAM (Wet and Messy), lesbo, solo
Duration: 01: 53:58
Director: Dave Lodoski
Studio: Mud Puddle Visuals
Starring: Sasha, Janice, Violet, Kristine and Jen
In general, this is one film, but he succeeded only cut into individual plots … I did not glued together, spread as it is
posters could not find, so instead of giving him the picture, which is used instead of a poster on the site itself MPV studio
1 -.. I Should Take This Off.avi [30:51]
at the beginning, Sasha explores muddy coast, dressed in a flowery skirt and top. Every time the mud gets deeper, she says, “It is better I’ll take it,” nourish on a solid ground and removes one of the PiecesComrade clothes. In the end, she finds herself in the deepest mud in some batches. And then begins the representation
2 -! Mud In The Sun.avi [18:31]
Then, you will see an episode that was too hot for “Adult Games Dirt №2”. Janice and Violetta rub each other out exotic-sticky mud, and then proceed to self-satisfaction. And if you think that there could be nothing better than a hot denok than naked dip in the mud, you are wrong – there is something better and
3 -! Kristine.avi [27:08]
After that Christine will show your perfect sexy body, arranging a striptease in black liquid clay. This story is not so thrilling as the previous one, but it should be recognized that the natural appeal of Christine shown here extremely enjoyable way
4 -. Deep Thong.avi [16:57]
And sure enough, this film was not without a scene that one is worth it to watch it – and now, finally, she said. Jen is worthy of a gold medal, a little sunbathing on the lovely beach, the sand is so easy Gives Way under her feet. Jen comes back, dressed in white panties and bra, but quickly get rid of them and accepted furiously masturbate silky mud
5 -. Making of.avi [20:27]
How did the filming – commented the director, . operators and actresses
also included in the distribution of a movie trailer from the official site in RealMedia format – rm2trailer.rm [04:19] (14MB)
original English description:
First, Sasha explores a very. muddy shoreline wearing a flowery skirt and summer top. Each time she finds the mud getting deeper, she says “I better take this off” and then backs up and removes more clothing. She eventually settles in deep having stripped down to a thong. Sasha then grinds her ample form into the muck and gets off for the camera!
Then we get to see some action that was just too hot for Major Mud Play # 2 (from MPV). Janice and Violet finish giving each other backrubs in exotic and sticky mud an then settle into side by side self-gratification. You’d probably think that sliding naked in oozing mud would be a good way to cool off in the baking sun. Not so!
Next, Kristine shows her soft and sexy side by teasing us in very slippery coal slurry. This stuff was warm and smooth and just waiting for someone to make it even more slippery! This scene is not as explicit as some, but Kristine’s. Natural appeal comes through in a very enjoyable way
And sure enough, there’s always a single scene that alone is worth the cost of the tape – and here it is. Jen strikes gold in the setting sun in the form of a perfect little beach that just melts under her feet. She jumps in wearing a white thong and bra and then slips in and out of the water and out of her undies and goes completely out of her mind rubbing herself in the silky mud.
You just can not pass this up! [ 123] Extras. Information:
In tracker as laid film Rubbin ‘in the Mud # 1
More 4 MPV video: Mud Puddle Visuals 4 video / Girls in mud and quicksand
Video Quality: SiteRip
Video Format : AVI
Video codec: DivX
Audio codec: MP3
Video: 352×240 (1.47: 1), 29.970 fps, DivX codec 5.2.1 build 1338 ~ 775 kbps avg, 0.31 bit / pixel
Audio: 44.100 kHz, MPEG Layer 3, 2 ch, ~ 192.00 kbps avg