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[723 MB] ReGorEgitated Sacrifice / vomit victim (Valentin Lucifer (Lucifer Valentine)) [2008, Horror, sadomasochism, bloody scenes, violence]

Vomit victim / ReGorEgitated Sacrifice
Year of release: 2008
Genre: Horror, sadomasochism, bloody scenes, violence
Duration: 1.05
Director: Lucifer Valentin (Lucifer Valentine)
Description: Independent controversial director Lucifer Valentine invites you to go with him to the second circle of hell. Mad with drugs and alcohol lesbians are in private they had killed during the terrible orgy stripper. A young prostitute was in the wrong and the client until the morning she definitely would not survive. Plump slut showing a teenager in porn was the victim of an accident. A young fan of the group “Nirvana” committed suicide after the death of Kurt Cobain. They did not value life on earth, they mutilated their bodies which God bestowed upon them and seek death. Only whitelight at the end of the tunnel has not brought them anything but new endless suffering and the blood of humiliation, and gastric juice
format:. Windows Media
File Size: 723 Megabit
Duration: 1h 5min
Bit rate: 1544 kbit / s
Policy Copyright: 2008 kingdom of hell productions inc
Video # 0
codec:. WMV1
Info: Windows Media Video 7
Bit rate 1510 kbit / s
Width: 630 [ 123] Height: 420
Correlation: 16/9
Audio # 0
codec: WMA2
Info: Windows Media Audio 2
Bitrate: 128 Kbit / sec
The channel (s) 2 channels
The frequency of 48 kHz
“vomit victim” is not an accurate translation of the title of this painting. The word «reGOREgitated» there is a play on words «gore» – blood and «regurgitate» – regurgitate. The resulting phrase could not be better illustrated that shows Regisgray in the second film of the “Trilogy of bloody vomit,” as he had called his brainchild, the first of which was the unforgettable “Slaughterhouse blyuyuschih dolls.”
Extras. Info: Author’s full version. In English (translators refused to translate the film)
PS hand on torrents.ru banned! sensuality bordering on porn ….. (although who knows where this face …)