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[667 MB] Moana Lott – Pregnant & Hairy / Moana Lott – Pregnant volosatka (97% Amateurs) [2011 g., Hairy, Posing, Pregnant, HDRip, 720p]

Moana Lott – Pregnant & Hairy / Moana Lott – Pregnant volosatka
Year: 2011
Location: United States
Genre: Hairy, Posing, Pregnant
Duration: 00:48:15
Studio 97% Amateurs
Description: Pregnant & hairy, Moana Lott shows it all right out of the gate. Big dark nipples & a bush that simply does not quit. Gets into a sparkly dark gray dress that surely shows her curves like never before … Does her intro a bit deeper into the session than we are used to. Bending, flexing, some tit play & lots of views of her body from various angles. Getting out of the dress. Bobbie wiggles, & variations on that. Single jumps. They do little circles. Slow motion, this clip really is all about motion of the breasts. Moves into a satin blue bra with white spots. Plays with a fantasycloth. Gets into a dance outfit that pops the belly right out there. Barely covers the nipples. Her bush spreads far & wide beyond the cover that the pussy portion could ever cover. Single & double nipple flicking towards the end. Nipple pulling, gets 100% naked. Then marches center stage to try on a new outfit with more of a leopard print theme. Pulls & tugs on her pussy hair a bit. Gets naked again & walk off the stage. Spreads lotion on her breasts & rubs it in. Then some on her belly. Crotchless red satin panties with black trim. See-thru for the butt. Squats to the ground. On her back for the first 98 seconds of this clip with various positions for her legs & incredible pussy views for a multitude of angles. Legs behind her head. Puts on the matching top for her panties. See-thru formost of it. Plays with her nips & boobs to the end. On her back again, nipple licking with close-ups. More nipple licking & legs spreads. Sits up & undoes her top. Bending forward on all fours. Great belly & boob views, wiggles them. Wide open mouth with a satisfied look on her face. (She loves to tease & dominate)! END
Extras. Information: http://www.hotmovies.com/video/191699/Moana-Lott-Pregnant-Hairy/
Качество video: HDRip
Video format: WMV
Video codec: Windows Media
Audio codec: WMA
Video: Windows Media Video 9 1280×720 29.97fps 1827 Kbps
Audio: Windows Media Audio 48000Hz stereo 2 channels 64Kbps