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[559 MB] Tough grannies / Strunzgeile Omas (MEGA-FILM) [2007, Older, Hairy, DVDRip]

Tough grannies / Strunzgeile OmasGod: 2007
Genre: Older, Hairy, Classic
Duration:. 1h 14mn
Description: Welcome to the land of beer and sausages … cum and see Germany,
The Fatherland. These particular lads like their women a tad bit older
and plumper in the ass, tummy, and breast so that they have something
solid to grab onto while their sausage is being serviced! Enjoy !!
Welcome to the country of beer and sausages … Finish and watch Germany, the Fatherland. These particular guys like their women baby bit older and a fat ass, tummy and breasts so that they have something solid to grip on while their sausage is served! Enjoy !!
Quality: DVDRip
format: WMV
Video codec: WindowsMedia
Audio codec: Windows Media
Video: Windows Media Video 9, 360×288,
Audio: Windows Media Audio 2, 16 Kbps, 2 ch, 16 KHz