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[1.92 GB] [clips4sale.com / dixiesdamsels.com / thatbondagegirl.com] Dixie Comet, JJ Plush – Lady Robber’s Revenge … Ruined / Revenge of a woman’s robber … Spoiled (Dixieland Productions) [2014, Bloomers, Bondage, Gag, Fetish, Forced Orgasm, Lesbian, Lezdom, Mummification, Strapon, 720p, SiteRip]

Lady Robber’s Revenge … Ruined / Female Robber Revenge … Spoiled
Year of production: 2014
Genre: Bloomers, Bondage, Gag, Fetish, Forced Orgasm, Lesbian, Lezdom, Mummification, Strapon [123 ] Duration: 00:43:43
Studio: Dixieland Productions
Sites: Clips4Sale.com / DixiesDamsels.com / thatbondagegirl.com
Cast: Dixie Comet, JJ Plush
Description: After Being Knapped By JJ Beefore, Dixie Has Been Tracking Her and Decided That Tonight Is Her Night to Get Revenge! JJ Arrives in Her Bedroom, Talking On Her Phone To Her Client. Lady Robber, Dixie, Sneaks Up on JJ AS SHE undresses. After a Struggle, Dixie Forces JJ to Take A Nice Little Nap. Not Taking Any Chances This Time, Dixie Binds Her With Pantyhose and Gags Her With A Stocking Ball GAG & Puts a Stocking Over HerFace.
JJ Starts to Come Around AS Dixie Finishes Tying Her Up. Dixie Gropees JJ’s Tits and Ass As She TELLS HER THAT SHE HAS COME TO FIND THE MONEY JJ HAS HIDDEN FROM THE SLAVE TRADE RING SHE IS IN. She Leaves JJ On The Bed in Her Binds to Struggle AS She Goes to Look Through Her House. During Her Struggles, JJ Manages to Get Free, Unties and Ungags Herself and Waits Patiently for Dixie’s Return to the Bedroom. WHEN DIXIE RETURNS, JJ Jumps Her and Over Powers Dixie. She Gets Dixie On The Floor With Her Hands On Her Head. JJ Warns Her That This Is The Second Time She Has Crossed Her And There Isn’t Going to Be a Third. JJ Makes Dixie Remove Her Mask, Gropees Her and then Forces Her to Strip Out Of The Catsuit and Panties. AS Dixie Tries to Talk Her Way Out The Situation, JJ Decides ThatShe Needs To Use That Big Mouth Of Dixie’s and Forces Her to Kiss Her.
JJ BINDS Dixie’s Hands Behind Her Back and Her Chest and Takes The Strap-on Out Of Dixie’s Bag. JJ Makes Dixie Suck The Black Dildo, Shoving It Into Dixie’s Mouth. After JJ Has Had Enough, She Puts Dixie’s Panties in Her Mouth and Keeps Them in With Tape. JJ Is Interested in Different Lips Though and Forces Dixie to Bend Over The Chair. JJ Screws Her Pussy with the Strap on Until Dixie Cums. After JJ Has Had Her Way with the Strap-On, She Puts Dixie Down for a Little Nap So She Can Prepare Her for Sale.
Dixie Wakes Up to Find Herself Completely Bound in Rope and Ball Gagged But Manages to Get some Ropes Untied. Unfortunately for Dixie, JJ Comes Back Too Soon and Catches Her Trying to Escape. JJ Unties Her WhileShe Gropees Dixie’s Naked Body. She Has A Buyer for Dixie and Must Get Her Ready. JJ Busts Plastic Wrap and Starts to Wrap Dixie. After She Has Dixie Wrapped a Good Amount, JJ Then Places a Bullet Vibrator on Dixie’s Pussy And Then Wraps Dixie with More Duct Tape. SHE THEN WRAPS CLEAR TAPE OVER HER BALLGAGGED MOUTH AND BRINGS OUT DIXIE’S BURGLAR MASK AND PLACES IT Backwards Over Her Face, Like a Blindfold. Laughing As JJ Puts Her Finishing Touches, She Leaves Dixie Laying On The Floor Mummified, Stroggling and Waiting for This Buyer to Come and Get Their Package.
Translation: After JJ kidnap her, Dixie Drew JJ and decided that Today is the night of her revenge! JJ enters his bedroom, talking on the phone with the client. Dixie robber samples to it when JJ strips. NSDixie struggle donke shier her. After deciding not to risk, this time the Dixie connects it with tights, inserts a huge ball-gag and pulls the stocking on his head.
JJ begins to recover when Dixie finishes to bind it. Dixie tales JJ for tits and ass and tells her that he came for hidden money, which JJ received from the sale of slaves. She leaves JJ on the bed connected and helpless while herself is inspected in the house. Having attached to JJ’s effort to be free, unravel yourself and remove the gag. Now she is patiently waiting for the return of the Dixie in the bedroom. When that returns, JJ is thrown on it and overcomes. She puts the dixie on the floor with his hands behind the head. JJ warns that this is the second time they intersect, and the third will not be. JJ makes the Dixie remove the mask, squeezes it andThen he forces it to undress (including panties). When Dixie is trying to fuck in order to escape from the current situation, JJ decides that it is necessary to use this talkative mouth and makes it kissing.
JJ connects Dixie hands behind his back, pulls the chest and takes out strapon thief from the bags. JJ makes Dixie suck black strapon, sticking it into his mouth. Then she shoves the Dixie in her mouth her own panties and fixes their adhesive tape. Now she is interested in other lips and bends Dixie on the chair. JJ Fucks her pussy with a strapon while Dixie does not end. After JJ raped her, she shifts Dixie so that it could be prepared for sale.
Dixie wakes up and detects themselves completely connected and with a gauge in the mouth, but she managed to unleash some rings. UnfortunatelyFor Dixie, JJ is returning too early and stops the attempt to escape. JJ unlocks it, along the way pawing naked body. She already has a buyer and Dixie must be ready. JJ begins to wind the Dixie plastic ribbon. After the girl is clouded enough, JJ attaches a small vibrator on the pussy of the Dixie and adds more tapes. Then she wures the transparent ribbon onto the mouth and puts on the Dixie her robbing mask behind back. Laughing JJ makes the final strokes and leaves the Dixie on the floor mummified, it is useless to resist on the floor waiting, when the buyer comes with its product.
Type HD video: 720p
Video quality: SiteRip
Video format: WMV [123 ] Video: VC-1, 1280×720, 29.97 FPS, 6099 Kbps, 0.221 b / px
Audio: WMA, 48 KHz, 2 Channels, 192 Kbps