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[1.04 GB] Bi-Uniforms / Bisexual in uniform (Alex Schnegr / U.S. Male) [2003, BiSex, DVDRip]

[Bisex] Bisexual uniformed / Bi-Uniforms – Year: 2003
Genre: Bisex
Duration: 90 the Min
Director: Alex Schnegr
Studio: U. S. Male
Starring: Pavlo Slavik, Joseph Felo, Felippe Hrabik, Ion Fisher, Adam Sweet, Pavel Mikulenko, Christie Linhart, Zanatta Hafer, Martinna Snajdar and Linda Blalek
Description: It turns out that NATO troops occur outrageous things! The senior girls from the patrol unit detained gone AWOL soldiers, discharged at some ruins and there to fuck rubber members. And the other two soldiers are introduced in a bar with a girl-officer and three of them have a good time. Yes, this army to be afraid of!
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Quality: DVDRip
format: AVI
Video codec: XviD
Audio codec: MPEG Audio
Video: 480 x 360 (4: 3)
Audio: 0x0055 (MPEG-1 Layer 3) 48000 Hz, Dual Channel, 128 kbit / sec